• Winner Mother's Day Competition

    10 May at 12:42 from atlas

    Whilst all finalists received votes and a common comment was how special each was, for the children to have taken the time and effort to complete their entry, the winner was 14 year old Sharni Cripps.

    ?My Mother is simply the BEST Mother in the world. Even though she is a single mother she still finds the time to work part-time, clean the house, drive us to sports practice and friends? houses and after all that make it back in time to cook dinner.

    My mother is a very busy woman, but we still find the time to have great times together. One of my favourite memories of my Mum and me is when we watch our favourite old English comedy shows. They are probably outdated and I doubt anyone but my mother and I would ever find them funny but that?s what makes it my favourite memory. When we watch those shows we both laugh and we forget about whatever else is going on.

    No one but ourselves will ever understand our relationship. We have had fights and squabbles but there are also the good times and watching those shows makes us laugh.

    My Mum does everything that a mother would but also that little bit extra to make sure that me and my two brothers are happy and healthy. She really deserves a good Mother?s Day, a big hug and a very big box of chocolates.?

    Thankyou to everyone who entered. All entries will be posted to the mothers as a keepsake.


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