• Thankyou to ALL entrants in our competition, the winner is...

    11 April at 19:36 from atlas

    The winner of a $100 Gift Voucher in our 10 year Anniversary Competition, "In 50 words or less tell us why you love Main Street Revelations" is...

    Tilly Munro-Lawrence
    "Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow". This is on one of the awesome signs in your store and obviously there has been a lot of faith and love put into Revelations. Revelations is filled with  a whole lot of mystical things that bring it to life.

    Pictured is eleven year old Tilly, her Mum and brother were exceptionally patient as she chose each piece with careful consideration. From her $100 she selected gifts for her mother, brother, friend and also for her Dad who is currently in hospital. This is one kind and thoughtful young lady.

    Sincere thanks to EVERYONE who took the time to enter our competition, your words meant so much to me. Tilly's entry really connected with me, many others touched my heart and I have decided to award 10 runner up prizes of $10 vouchers to...
    Cheryl Gregoire:
    I have been coming to Foster on holidays for over 40 years and visiting your store since it opened. I always tell friends and family when they are travelling in the area they MUST visit your store. You have the most beautiful items and the best quality around. Simply stunning!

    Jessica Arandez:
    I come to Foster with my son, husband and my parents twice a year and Main Street Revelations is definitely my highlight. I save up throughout the year and buy myself 'something special' that I have no difficulty finding in your store. Certainly the highlight of my trip.

    Jacqui Lee:
    Revelations is just that, a real revelation. On a casual visit to this treasure trove I was immediately a fan. Fabulous fashions; affordable artifacts, heavenly hippie clothes. Jewellery different enough to stand out, at prices that don't shock. Foster is lucky to have this jewel in their main street.

    Fiona Toovey:
    I love Main Street Revelations because of the feel of the shop, every time I go in there I am always made to feel welcome and I always find something awesome to buy!

    Sue Montagnat:
    Main Street Revelations,
    Oh what wonderful creations,
    You get your money's worth,
    No. it doesn't cost the earth.
    There is something for everyone,
    Whether serious or fun,
    You can wear it, read it,
    Or just plain need it.
    Main Street Revelations is Number One!

    Barbara Moon:
    I love Main Street Revelations, a shop that appeals to all my shopping senses. Welcome atmosphere; helpful, friendly, honest staff; offering gifts, new and pre-loved articles; always fresh, inviting, renewed regularly, price competitive and the opportunity to browse unhindered. Main Street Revelations a winner for Foster a Mecca for shoppers.

    Jessie Bartlett:
    I loved Main Street Revelations because it was full of colour, variety and items I hadn't seen elsewhere. The clothes were cool AND comfy! Being from the city, where lots of the stores are very similar, it was lovely to find a store which was different. We bought lots!!

    Leila Errey:
    Main Street Revelations is a very unique shop as it has such variety. When I need a present for a special friend I know I will find something there. Even for my family there is something I know they will like. In Winter and Summer; they get different things all the time.

    Gillian Clarke:
    We love Deborah's shop because it sells gems and jewellery and clothing and crystals and mittens and melodies. Most of all we love it because Deborah is in it - except when other people are minding it but they are lovely too.

    Maureen Collins:
    Gemstones and jewellery,
    and books for keen readers;
    New clothes and used clothes
    all colours and sizes.
    Somewhere to book for the next theatre show,
    These are a few of my favourite things -
    At Main Street Revelations!!
    (With apologies to Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music)


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