• Nana May's comes to Foster

    1 May at 12:23 from atlas

    When I saw that Nana May's had relaunched themselves from direct sales to wholesale, I jumped at the chance to be the first in Foster. So far we're the first in the whole of Gippsland!!!

    I recall having a Nana May's free hand treatment at a market in Queensland, many years ago.

    I didn't buy a jar of the Magic Hand & Body Scrub EVEN though my hands felt amazing afterwards AND the softness and hydration of my skin lasted because...hmm...I was probably on a cheapie holiday with no spare dollars and I would have considered spending on something like this unwarranted and exceptionally indulgent (foolish in hindsight!) plusthis was back in the days before I'd heard of essential oils, Himalayan salts and so I was sceptical (yes, despite the proof in my hands!)

    I recently took the two week face challenge; this doesn't just mean using the product for two weeks but also NOT using ANYTHING ELSE on my face for the whole two weeks.  No cleanser, no toner, no moisturiser.

    It's true, this is a magic product, once I finetuned my application!
    I learnt how to pat it on when I didn't need to exfoliate (very important) and I learnt to be patient and wait a whole minute after I'd finished applying, massaging or scrubbing before rinsing off. I discovered that whilst the salt could be used as a very effective scrub, patting it in to my skin allowed it to dissolve and be absorbed.

    I am a full time convert because I am actually saving time compared to my previous regime, my skin looks and feels better and it's the cheapest product I've ever bought when you see how little you need to use and how long a jar will last. Pop into the shop and we can give you a FREE hand pamper too...


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