• More gratitude...

    27 April at 10:34 from atlas

    And now to the unpaid workers past and present of Main Street Revelations, I have so much gratitude to this amazing group of supporters over the past 10 years.

    Geoff Harris was my husband when I first opened the shop, and I had his total support and encouragement then and still now; just this past Sunday he helped sort out my phone line confusion. Thanks Geoff.

    When I first set up, I had some great help from Lorraine Gurnett, Juneen Schultz and Bindi Goldberg. Friends and family too numerous to mention have helped by sourcing stock, discussing ideas and holding my hand, you know who you are, thankyou.

    David Hutton was a great friend to have along the way, he did so much to help me and I miss him so much. My friend, boyfriend, partner, lover (I never did find a term I liked!) of five years performed countless acts of love and devotion for me and the shop and now that we are no longer together, I'll have to pay him for future computer and building work! Thankyou Russell.

    My three sons, Joshua, Benjamin and Matthew have put in hours serving customers and helping out in other ways and also had to endure their mother's buying trips and time she spent buried in the business. I love you guys.


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