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    23 November at 11:59 from atlas


    "May the act of hanging a crane symbolise our support in peace and hope, honouring Sadako's legacy".
    -Short Story.

    Come in a see our beautiful display of the Hope in a Box range. The cranes are handmade in Melbourne from Japanese papers. A touching gift of hope and peace for $25.

    The story of Sadako follows a young girl who became very ill from the atomic effects of WWII. Bedridden in hospital, her determination and spirit gave life to an ancient legend that promised anyone who folded a thousand origami cranes would be granted one wish. It was Sadako's desire to hope for good luck, long life, peace and recovery 
    from her illness.

    On the 25th of October 1955, Sadako passed surrounded by loved ones and family. Although Sadako's thousand paper cranes did not save her life, they would take flight in another way, serving as a symbol of the growing movement for peace on Earth.

    Each year, children and adults from all over the world travel to the Children's Peace Monument in Japan, hanging their own folded paper cranes as a gift to Sadako's memory and as
    a symbol of their desire for peace.


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