• Care Australia Walk in Her Shoes

    15 March at 15:10 from atlas

    Walk in Her Shoes is CARE Australia's biggest fundraising event. Every March, thousands of Australians take on the challenge of walking 25km, 50km or 100km over the course of one week to raise money for women and girls living in poverty.  The Care Australia Walk in Her Shoes Challenge runs from 16 to 22 March.

    Proprietor of Main Street Revelations, Deborah Harris is taking part and will be delighted to receive donations dropped off into the shop or lodged online http://goo.gl/KxGsAQ Main Street Revelations sent out their most recent email newsletter last Friday evening and first thing Saturday morning, one loyal customer and keen supporter rushed in with a $10 donation to Deborah's glee, " I'll be walking to support women and girls who have to travel long distances every day to access life's essentials: water, food and healthcare. The money raised will give them the opportunity to get an education and earn an income - and escape the devastating cycle of poverty.

    "Many may know that I've lost a huge amount of weight over the past 2 or so years and my health has improved tremendously. Despite some yoga and tai chi, I've not included much physical activity in my lifestyle.  I recently purchased a device which measures my rest and activity and I have been astounded by just how inactive I am. Only twice in a month have I achieved 10,000 steps/day!  

    For this one week of challenge I pledge to walk 10,000 steps each day with the hope that the motivation of this cause will start me in a new routine that I will maintain and that will again change my life for the better.  

    More importantly, the money you sponsor me will help other women with much, much greater challenges than mine". 


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