26 July at 13:17 from atlas

    It gets colder and quieter here in Foster even than July!

    So we compromise and open 3 days each week in August. 

    9:30am to 5pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    A number of years ago we did a major renovation and closed for two weeks in August as we'd established it as the quietest month in both the number of customers and total sales.  In that August despite being closed, our figures matched the previous year!  So the next year, we again closed for a couple of weeks, this time for a proper holiday.  In that year we increased our August figures but had more of our regular customers complaining that they couldn't manage with us closed for 2 weeks! 

    So we hit upon the idea of opening on three of the normally busier days each week and this seems to work for us and our customers.  We're not sitting here twiddling our thumbs whilst you're tucked up at home in front of the fire or off holidaying in the North!  We get to go to the huge 5 day trade fair in Melbourne sourcing new products and ideas.  We get to do some behind the scenes tidying and reorganising.  We also get a couple of mini breaks to recharge ourselves. 

    You just need to plan to shop on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday in August!


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