• 10 years of great staff

    21 April at 21:45 from atlas

    Practicing my gratitude and reflecting on our 10 years. Thanks to our staff; past and present.

    Janine Walpole was the first employee.  What a worker, thorough and committed.  I was devastated when she left!  Jessica Hutchison was our first junior; so incredibly passionate.  I couldn't imagine finding another junior with so much maturity; my loss the world's gain!

    Dianne Haines,  Kirstie Thomas and Juneen Schultz were our casuals throughout 2004.  I was so grateful  each stepped up to help me out.

    Mandy Prence joined us in November 2004 until August 2006 and then again in 2009-10.  This is when our windows got noticed.  What flair Mandy has.  Mandy introduced me to the lovely, gentle Janyce Matthews who also happens to be the best cleaner ever.  Jan left to start her homeopathic practice and she set me up with exceptionally reliable and patient Christine Benzon who started in December 2006 and was our longest serving employee when she left in June 2009.

    Trish O'Neill popped in before heading back to Melbourne!  Next was another experienced retailer; Leanne Gardiner.  It was no coincidence that both me and Main Street Revelations commenced our involvement in the metaphysical.   Janine and Juneen were the first to begin opening my eyes.  Mandy came to me after selling her successful business, 'The Lucky Charm' to Leanne Gardiner.  How blessed I feel to have had such close friendships with all these strong, spiritual woman.

    The hardworking and stunning Darcy Jones was our next junior, again I was dismayed when she left to follow her dreams. 

    Catherine McGlead brought a whole new energy when she started in November 2010.  We've had so much fun together.  I so value her generosity and her commitment to Main Street Revelations.  Karlee Jamieson was our third junior; I sure know how to pick conscientious workers!

    Cheryl Brennan's bubbly friendly nature was as notable on her first day as her last.  We wish her well in her new full time job at Baringa SS. Whilst Kerryn Mattingley has only just joined us, Catherine and I are both so glad to have her talent and enthusiasm.

    I am genuinely filled with gratitude to each and every person who has helped me and Main Street Revelations to grow.  Thanks everyone.



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